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YouTube Vanced provides revolutionary features like SponsorBlock, Ads Blocker, Background Play, AMOLED Mode, and more at no cost because it is not the same as the original YouTube. Which means that you didn’t like the annoying advertisements on YouTube? Take advantage of features you’ve never used with YouTube Vanced, the futuristic version of the platform powered by ReVanced Patches.

About YouTube Vanced

The YouTube Vanced APK is a modified and enhanced version of the original YouTube application. Millions of users love YouTube Vanced because it has so many unique features. For example, you can view endless videos for free without any ads or sponsors; it’s not YouTube Premium, but it has features similar to those of Premium. It is free to download and use this program, which Team Vanced created.

To include features like Sponsor Block, Return YouTube Dislike, and incredible Customization at no cost, developer and senior XDA member Rafalete modified the original YouTube app. You may stream for free without advertisements with this program, also known as YT Vanced Mod APK.

How about you ask where you can download this application for free? Let me tell you that this app will be made accessible for free on several official app stores, including Uptodown, APKPure, Apkmirror, and more, as well as across the Internet. You can also get the most recent version of the YouTube Vanced Manager APK for free by downloading it from this link.

All Features of YouTube Vanced

YouTube Vanced is popular for offering lots of helpful features at no cost. The fact that all of Vanced YouTube’s features are free is what makes this application so popular compared to the original YouTube. It’s incredibly unpleasant to watch content that has advertisements on every video, however with the Vanced version, ads are absolutely absent. Millions of users choose the YouTube Vanced version over the original YouTube because of these incredible features that make it unique.

Inbuilt AdBlock

Because of many ads, watching any content on YouTube without YouTube Premium is disappointing. The YouTube Vanced APK is now available to those who want to watch any form of YouTube video without ever seeing ads. The reason it’s an entirely ad-free YouTube MOD is because it lets anyone view any YouTube video from their favorite creator without any ads.

It automatically filters out all YouTube advertisements, as the name suggests. Every ad, including the ones that play in the background, those that start before the video begins, and those that appear at the end. YouTube Vanced instantly deactivates all of these ads. Even switching an option is not necessary. Integral to it.

Return Dislike Button

Many people are aware that YouTube hid the dislike button in a recent update. This means that no one can see the dislike button in any videos. To get back the dislike button to every video, download the YouTube Vanced APK. As a result, it will be simple to discover how many people dislike each video.

Sponsor Block

These days, almost all YouTube videos have a sponsor. People prefer watching sponsors when watching their selected YouTube videos; that’s the issue. YouTube Vanced APK is the best option to avoid all those annoying sponsors. Because every YouTube video includes a button that allows users to skip the sponsored content directly, it will enable you to enjoy the content you can watch on YouTube without any interruptions from sponsors.

YouTube video viewing can also be negatively impacted by sponsored content in addition to advertisements. The in-video sponsored content can now be skipped, and you can get directly to the video.

The best thing is that there is no manual setup required. You can select the sections of the sponsored content you want to see by using the many settings that YouTube Vanced offers.

Picture in Picture (PiP Mode)

The picture above essentially represents PIP mode, where you may use YouTube Vanced and other applications at the same time, with YouTube displaying on its own screen. Download YouTube Vanced to experience PIP mode, as this feature is exclusive to this application.

Background Playback

Play any video on YouTube in the background while you do anything else with the YouTube Vanced APK. Some are unaware of what background playback is. Basically, you can’t minimize the application while watching any videos on YouTube since the movie will stop. With YouTube Vanced, that won’t ever happen because of its background playback feature, which enables you to watch and listen to any YouTube video in the background.

Swipe Control

You may use a simple swipe to adjust the display’s brightness and sound. This feature basically works the same as other video-watching platforms like MX Player. Basically, all it takes to adjust the brightness and loudness is a swipe across the YouTube Vanced display. You may now turn off the brightness using the notification panel on your device.


When you use the official YouTube, the auto-repeat function is not available. Basically, we must restart the video if we want to start it again. However, this issue has been resolved by using the YouTube Vanced APK, as the application includes an auto-repeat feature.


Daily themes on YouTube, such as white and dark, are used by everyone. Additionally, YouTube viewers grow tired daily with just these themes. Get the YouTube Vanced app now to enjoy more themes, as it offers themes like dark, black, and white. Over 20% of the battery life of a mobile device can be preserved by using a dark.

Everyone is aware of the many intriguing and helpful features that the Vanced YouTube APK has to offer. Additionally, many options to elucidate, such as swipe control and brightness adjustment, exist in the YouTube Vanced PIP mode. However, the primary features of YouTube Vanced are Background Playback, Ad-Free Watching, and Sponsor Block. For the most part, these three functions are crucial for all regular YouTube users. The explanation below will help you know more about these features.

YouTube Vanced With Simple Interface and How It Works

The YouTube Vanced APK comes with a UI that is just like YouTube. This application can be accessed easily by YouTube users as well. The UI is remarkably user-friendly, like that of YouTube. The primary difference between this YouTube app and YouTube Vanced is the abundance of additional, premium features that are available for free. However, YouTube users can only use premium services for a fee. Anyone can use the YouTube Vanced and enjoy their favorite YouTubers because of its user-friendly interface, which makes it simple and easy.

The YouTube Vanced APK is easy to use, even for those who are uneasy. That being said, there is no distinction in the use style between YouTube and Vanced. Both this application and YouTube operate in the same way. The only steps required to access your favorite material within this application are installation and account login. Most importantly, though, is that YouTube Vanced offers every feature at no cost.

However, there are premium features that can only be accessed with purchase on the official YouTube account. The YouTube Vanced APK is always beneficial for all YouTube users to use when trying to avoid paying for premium features.

Download YouTube Vanced APK Latest Version

This YouTube Vanced APK is an open source that allows users of Android to watch any video for free, complete with all premium features. The application was developed for Android users to access YouTube videos without ads or sponsors. It’s unfortunate to tell you this YouTube Vanced APK is not compatible with any iOS user. If you’re an iOS user and would want to use this application, skip over the YouTube video and use the official version. So, if you use an Android device, this is an excellent opportunity to enjoy any free YouTube video with premium features.

App NameYouTube Vanced
DeveloperVanced Team
Size100 MB
Last updatedOct 20, 2023

YouTube Vanced

Must install the latest MicroG

How to Install YouTube Vanced App for Android?

The APK file is readily available for download on your Android smartphone. Follow this guidance. Go to first, then scroll down to find the APK download button. You can tap the download button from there. The download page will be displayed to you. You can then choose the version of this program to use. Just download the file now, then follow our installation instructions.

Step 01: To install YouTube and MicroG on your Android smartphone, you must manually install both APK files. Locate and click on the downloaded APK files by opening your device’s file manager. Even after installing the APK file, you can enable the setting when it asks you to allow unknown sources.

Step 02: Installing the MicroG app is also necessary; otherwise, YouTube Vanced may not work and will require you to return to the home screen. The installation process will take some time. After installing both apps, go to the first MicroG app’s settings and turn on the autostart feature. Next, launch Vanced YT and enjoy all the content without any issues. The most recent version of the app is based on an official YouTube update. Additional features on your YouTube account can be unlocked by signing in with your Google account.

Log in to Your Google Account on Vanced MicroG

Watching YouTube videos requires logging into your Google account since it allows you to view videos relevant to your interests. Previously, you couldn’t access your Google account using other YouTube modifications or third-party applications. A lot of users found this disappointing because there were neither videos published by their preferred content creators nor videos that were suggested based on the Google account.

But YouTube Vanced resolved this problem. Now that Youtube Vanced is integrated with Google, you can use it. That means you can access all of the channels and suggestions you have subscribed to precisely as you would if you were using the official app.

An application known as MicroG is included with YouTube Vanced. Your Google account may be quickly logged in with MicroG. After that, YouTube Vanced allows you to use your Google account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is YouTube Vanced Still Working in 2023?

Yes, YouTube Vanced Still Working in 2023. Today’s most popular and useful YouTube mod application, YouTube Vanced was created by XDA Senior Dev Master_T and offers a few more features that make it feel premium.

Is YouTube Vanced Free?

Yes, YouTube Vanced is totally free. Additionally, this app is completely free to use and safe to use without requiring a subscription.

Is it legal to use Youtube Vanced APK?

Because Youtube Vanced APK modifies the official Youtube app to include features that aren’t in the original, using it is against Youtube’s terms of service. It is not against the law to use the Youtube Vanced APK, however, there is some gray area when it comes to its legality.

Does YouTube Vanced support for iOS?

Unfortunately, YouTube Vanced is only accessible for Android devices; if you want to install it on iOS, that option is currently unavailable.

How to Update Youtube Vanced APK?

Downloading the most recent APK file from our website is required to upgrade Youtube Vanced APK. Since we officially provide YouTube Vanced. Following the earlier installation process, you can install the updated version on your device after downloading it.


The official YouTube app can be replaced with the excellent YouTube Vanced APK. It offers more features than the standard YouTube app. Everyone who uses YouTube is encouraged to download and try YouTube Vanced. You won’t ever regret doing this, we’re sure.

Along with these features, YouTube Vanced offers background playback and ad blocking. As long as the application is downloaded from a trusted source, it is safe to use even though its legality is unclear. It is advised that you only download YouTube Vanced from our website. In addition to offering safe download files, we regularly update the YouTube Vanced app.